Geodomes, also known as geodesic domes, are architectural structures characterized by a framework of interconnected triangles forming a spherical or partial-spherical shape. These structures are based on the geodesic principles pioneered by architect and engineer Buckminster Fuller. Geodomes offer exceptional structural strength and stability due to their unique geometry, distributing loads efficiently across the framework. They are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including hotels, chalets, restaurants, cafes, and even event halls…etc. Geodomes are celebrated for their aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and ability to provide large, open interior spaces with minimal materials.



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D6 Series:

Floor Area: 27 m²
Diameter: 6 m
Height: 3.5 m

D7 Series:

Floor Area: 36 m²
Diameter: 7 m
Height: 4.1 m

D8 Series:

Floor Area: 47 m²
Diameter: 8 m
Height: 4.7 m

D10 Series:

Floor Area: 77 m²
Diameter: 10 m
Height: 5 m

D12 Series:

Floor Area: 103 m²
Diameter: 12 m
Height: 5.2 m

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